Winning initiatives Van Bergen Award 2015 announced

The Van Bergen Fund aims to promote contacts between Dutch and international students in order to achieve a better understanding of each other's cultures. At the Symposium for Diversity and Inclusion the two winners of the Van Bergen Award 2015 were announced.

‘The Van Bergen Fund is a sounding board for our ideas’

How can we improve contacts between Dutch and international students? That is the key question at the heart of the Van Bergen Competition organised annually by Leiden University. This year’s winners will be announced on 5 November. A good time to look back at how last year’s winners are faring.

Van Bergen Fund Competition 2015!

Have you got a creative idea for how to improve the contacts between Dutch and international students? Present your plan and you could win up to 5,000 euros to put it into action.

Diversity Symposium 2014: ‘Excellence through diversity’

What contribution can diversity and inclusiveness make to research and education, and to the University as an organisation? Leiden University administrators, staff and students will discuss this issue on 11 November 2014. There will be inspiring speakers from home and abroad, a dinner and workshops. The winner of the Van Bergen Prize will also be announced. You are very welcome to attend!

Leiden student Sheryl Lynn Baas wins ECHO award 2014

‘I feel happy, blessed, very grateful.' Sheryl Lynn Baas, Leiden student of Anthropology, was delighted at winning the ECHO award. She impressed the jury with her 'determination and the conscious path she has chosen to use her talents for a greater purpose.'

More focus needed on women and gender in research

A greater role for women, as researchers and as a factor in scientific research. This was the plea of academics and governors from Leiden, Delft, Norway, Sweden and the United States at the Gendered Innovations symposium held at Leiden University on 28 March.

Symposium on the importance of gender in research

Leiden University wants more focus on the differences between women and men in research. This time the goal is not more women researchers, but closer attention for the gender factor in scientific research. Taking sex and gender into account leads to innovation. To fail to do so is to risk the loss, not only of money but also of lives. What’s more, it is a requirement of Horizon 2020. Reason enough for a symposium on 28 March.

Diversity getting the attention it deserves

Students, administrators and staff members attended the Leiden symposium on ‘Excellence through diversity’ on Thursday 7 November. Lectures, speed-dating and workshops exemplified the essential contribution of diversity and inclusivity to science. ‘We are ready to meet the challenge of assessing individuals objectively so that we don’t let talent go to waste.’

Dr Isabel Hoving Leiden's first Diversity Officer

Dr Isabel Hoving, lecturer and researcher at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, will become Leiden's first Diversity Officer, from 1 January 2014. She will be responsible for co-ordinating diversity-related activities and initiatives.

7 November 2013: Excellence through Diversity symposium

The annual symposium on diversity will take place on 7 November. This symposium is an opportunity for staff and students of Leiden University to discuss the contribution that diversity and inclusivity can make to research and education, and to the university as an organisation. Inspiring speakers from at home and abroad will share their views with the participants. Everybody interested in this topic is welcome to attend.

Bridge-builders wanted!

What's the best way to bring Dutch and international students closer together? It's an important topic for Leiden University, so we're keen to have your ideas. Enter the competition for the best Cultural Interaction Initiative and share your ideas with us.

Leiden Special Collections in Museum De Lakenhal

Discover Leiden University’s cultural heritage in the exhibition 'WORLD TREASURES! From Cicero to Erwin Olaf', from 9 March in Museum De Lakenhal. You can see the 9th-century codex Aratea, topographic maps from Blaeu, a drawing by Rembrandt, photos by Erwin Olaf and more.

Summer courses in sunny LA

Medical student Arda Göceroglu won an ECHO award this year, which includes six weeks of summer school at the University of California in Los Angeles. Reporting from LA: ‘The courses are given by lecturers with a great passion for their field.’

Arda Goceroglu wins ECHO Award 2011

Arda Goceroglu has won the ECHO Award 2011 for a student in academic education. This means that the Award has been won by a Leiden student for the second year in succession.