Arda Goceroglu wins ECHO Award 2011

Arda Goceroglu has won the ECHO Award 2011 for a student in academic education. This means that the Award has been won by a Leiden student for the second year in succession.  

About the winner

Arda Goceroglu

Arda Goceroglu

Arda is a student of medicine at the LUMC. Beside his study and his many community activities he has also embarked on PhD research at the department of immunopathology.  The concluding words of his presentation to the jury were: 'My ambition is to be a good doctor.' The jury was particularly impressed with Arda's plans to improve medical care to patients from other cultural backgrounds.

The ECHO Award

The ECHO Award is a national incentive award for allochthonous top talent in the Netherlands. On 6 April, it will be awarded for the 11th consecutive year to two excellent, non-Western migrant students in higher education (one university student and one university of professional education (HBO) student). The winners can follow a summer course at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).


ECHO Award practical and idealistic

Last Modified: 13-04-2011