Win 5,000 euros with your idea to improve contact between Dutch and international students!

Who has the best idea to improve contacts between Dutch and international students? Send in your proposal and you could win 5,000 euros from the Van Bergen Fund to put your plan into action.

5,000 euros for your idea

Joris van Bergen

Joris van Bergen

Have you got a creative idea about how to improve contacts between Dutch and international students? Of the 23,000 students at Leiden University, 2,000 come from abroad. There are around 110 different nationalities of students in The Hague and Leiden. How can we make sure they interact with one another? Get together with your fellow students and come up with a proposal. You could win 5,000 euros to turn your plan into action.

Who can submit a plan?

The competition is open to everyone:

  • international and Dutch students

  • PhD candidates

  • professors

  • Administrative and support staff of the University

  • Student and study associations

  • combinations of groups and organisations

The prize will go to the group or organisation that submits the best idea.  The prize can then be used to implement the winning plan.

What kind of idea?

What kind of idea can you submit? Something along the lines of:

  • Organising activities related to lectures or tutorials where there are a number of international students in the first month of a semester.

  • Giving newly arrived international students the opportunity to take part in culture or sports activities together with Dutch students (such as a choir, an orchestra, a band, a dance club).

See what the winners did in 2013. (News article in Dutch)


These are the details to bear in mind. The plan should:

  • be a new activity for the Leiden University community;

  • encourage contacts between Dutch and internatioal students or promote better relations between different cultures;

  • include a brief description (max 400 words) of your idea or initiative;

  • explain how the idea or iniitiative can be implemented (also max 400 words):

  • include a budget, indicating any other sources of funding;

  • include a time plan, showing that the plan will be implemented before 1 January 2016;

  • be written in English.

What happens if you're nominated?

The best entries will be nominated. Some of the entrants will be asked to present their initiative at the 'Excellence through Diversity' symposium on 11 November. The winner will be announced at the dinner that evening.


The jury is made up of students and staff at Leiden University, and will assess the plans on:

  • originality;

  • contribution to achieving the aims of the Van Bergen Fund;

  • how feasibly they can be put into practice.

How can you enter?

By sending an e-mail to:, in PDF format. Please include your personal details and telephone number.

Your entry has to be received by 23 October 2014.

Competition rules

1. The participant or group of participants must be staff members or students of Leiden University.

2. Plans received after 23 October 2014 will not be included in the jury’s assessment.

3. There will be no discussion regarding the results of the competition.

4. Participants can only send in one entry.

5. The prize will be awarded by Simone Buitendijk, Vice-Rector Magnificus, on 11 November in the Academy Building in Leiden. You will be present on 11 November, and prepared to prepared to present your plan to the public.

7. The amount of the award is determined by the budget for the plan, and will be for a maximum of 5,000 euros.

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