Two Competitions on Internationalisation and Diversity

On 1 en 2 November Leiden University will focus on the theme of Diversity. You can make a difference by entering the Column Competition and/or the competition for the best Cultural Interaction Initiative. The deadline is 19 October 2012.

Cosmopolitan university

At Leiden University, you can meet people with different backgrounds, with different cultures, nationalities and languages. This makes our University into a cosmopolitan university we cal all be proud of. We are convinced that diversity promotes excellence. Which is why we want to offer all staff members and students the chance to really make a difference and enter one of the competitions?

Great prizes to be won

You can also of course enter both competitions! In both competitions there are great prizes to be won. The winning column will be published on the University website and the 3 winners will receive respectively 250, 150 and 100 Euro.
The best Cultural Interaction Initiative will be carried out using a subsidy from the Van Bergen Fund of maximum 5,000 Euro.

The winners will be announced during the ‘You make all the difference!’ symposium on 1 November 2012.

More information:
Cultural Interaction Initiative Competition Van Bergen Fund
Column wedstrijd Van Bergen Fund


Last Modified: 17-10-2012