Medical Delta

Medical Delta is not only made up of the three universities and the two UMCs, but also government authorities: the province of Zuid-Holland and the municipalities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam. In addition, incubators, science parks and support institutions are involved: Leiden Bioscience Park, Yes!Delft, Science Port Holland, Biopartner Leiden and Erasmus MC Incubator. All parties contribute their individual expertise with a view to contributing to a healthy society through medical technology, healthcare and life sciences in the broadest sense of the word. The Medical Delta Consortium has an ambitious programme established in order to enhance the knowledge infrastructure, knowledge transfer to the business community, education and international profiling of the region, as well as to attract investments.

Medical Delta has been recognised by the EU as a Region of Knowledge and is part of the prestigious European consortium HealthTIES.

Contact: Roel Kamerling MSc, 06 48875979, Cluster manager:

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