Executive Board Presidents sign Joint Regulations on Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Strategic Alliance

On 15 September 2014, the three Presidents of the Executive Boards of Leiden University, TU Delft, and the Erasmus University Rotterdam signed the Joint Regulations of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Strategic Alliance. 


The regulations set out in broad terms how the partnership between the universities will be put into practice, and cover current and future activities carried out in the context of the partnership. The Joint Regulations will remain in force until 1 September 2018.

Added value'

In 2010, the three universities decided to intensify their existing collaboration, and to expand it to areas where it promised to create added value for research, teaching, and working relationships with societal partners. In 2012, they formalised this partnership in the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Strategic Alliance, with a joint profiling agenda, ‘Meer Waarde’ ('added value'), which they presented to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.

Joint regulations

The relevant legal form is that of Joint Regulations. The regulations have now been approved by the employee representative bodies, the three Supervisory Boards, and signed by the three university Executive Board Presidents.

Eight multidisciplinary centres

Among the results of the strategic partnership so far are eight multidisciplinary centres that focus on complex societal challenges. The Medical Delta consortium, which has already been in existence for some time, has also been incorporated into the partnership. In teaching, the first completely joint Bachelor's degree programme – Clinical Technology – got underway in September 2014. 

Last Modified: 18-09-2014