The cooperation is organized as a strategic alliance. This means that the three universities apply their joint vision and shared objectives to work together in areas where this collaboration is expected to bring added value.

Steering group

The Executive Boards of the three universities together form the steering group of the strategic alliance. The chair of the steering group rotates between the chairs of the university executive boards. The steering group has an inspirational, coordinating and facilitating role for the alliance in terms of education, research and valorisation. The steering group establishes the centers and other forms of collaboration and compiles a multi-year plan, an annual plan, a budget and an annual report.
The steering group informs the supervisory boards and employee and study representative bodies of the universities and reports to the supervisory boards in the manner that is customary for each university.

Project manager

The Project Manager serves as secretary to the steering group. The Project Manager is Jacqueline Dekker MA, +31 (0)15-2786777, +31 (0)6-18546810,


The cooperation is based on the principle that it develops from the bottom-up, based on content and a central vision. In 2013, eight multidisciplinary centers were established, partly as a result of suggestions submitted to the steering group by researchers from the three institutions. These centres focus on important and complicated issues facing society. The centres collaborate on research, education and valorisation.

Centres Initiator
Centre for Governance Prof. C.W.A.M. (Kees) van Paridon (EUR)
Education and Learning

Prof.dr. H. Dekker (LEI)


Centre for Sustainability

Prof. dr. A. (Arnold) Tukker (LEI)

Global Heritage & Development

Prof. J. (Jan) Kolen (LEI)

Financial and Economic Governance of the EU

Prof. F. (Fabian) Amtenbrink (EUR)

Centre for Metropolis and Mainport Prof. R.A. (Rob) Zuidwijk (EUR and TUD)
Centre for Safety and Security  Prof. J. (Jan) van den Berg (TUD)
Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa Prof. P. (Peter) Knorringa (EUR)

The communications consultant for the centres is
Hilje Papma MA
+31 (0)6-43468357

Medical Delta

Medical Delta is not only made up of the three universities and the two UMCs, but also government authorities: the province of Zuid-Holland and the municipalities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam. In addition, incubators, science parks and support institutions are involved: Leiden Bioscience Park, Yes!Delft, Science Port Holland, Biopartner Leiden and Erasmus MC Incubator. All parties contribute their individual expertise with a view to contributing to a healthy society through medical technology, healthcare and life sciences in the broadest sense of the word. The Medical Delta Consortium has an ambitious programme established in order to enhance the knowledge infrastructure, knowledge transfer to the business community, education and international profiling of the region, as well as to attract investments.
Medical Delta has been recognised by the EU as a Region of Knowledge and is part of the prestigious European consortium.

Contact Cluster Manager:
Roel Kamerling MSc
+31 (0)6 48875979,

Study programmes

The alliance universities have the following joint study programmes:

  • the Bachelor's programme in Life Science and Technology (Leiden-Delft)

  • the Bachelor's programme in Molecular Science and Technology (Leiden-Delft)

  • the Bachelor's programme in Nanobiology (Delft-Erasmus)

  • the Master's programme in Industrial Ecology (Leiden-Delft).

In addition to these joint programmes, some programmes also work closely together. For example, the Bachelor's programme in (Applied) Mathematics is offered at Leiden University and at TU Delft. Both universities offer several courses in the study programme.

The track in Bioinformatics is offered jointly by Leiden and Delft as part of the Master's programme in Computer Science in Leiden and the Master's programme in Media & Knowledge Engineering in Delft. Leiden and Rotterdam collaborate in the Master's programme in Chinese Economy & Business.

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