Leiden University Rector Magnificus Paul van der Heijden leaving in 2013

At the next Dies Natalis – the University’s birthday – on 8 February 2013, Paul F. van der Heijden (1949), Rector Magnificus and Chairman of the Executive Board of Leiden University, will be passing the baton to his successor.

After 11 years within the University administration, Van der Heijden will be taking a sabbatical and will also focus more on his specialist field, International Labour Law. Van der Heijden will remain affiliated with Leiden University in his position as Professor.

Upon his departure in 2013, Van der Heijden will have held the post of Rector/Chairman of Leiden University for a period of six years. Before that, he was the Rector Magnificus of the University of Amsterdam for five years.

The Board of Governors of Leiden University has initiated the procedure to find a successor to Van der Heijden.

Last Modified: 13-03-2012