Vici awards for Leiden researchers

Four Leiden researchers have received Vici awards from the NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). Each researcher’s application has been honoured with a subsidy of €1.5 million.

Vici winners

Prof. Mirjam de Bruijn, Institute for History / African Studies Centre
Communication and conflict in Africa’s mobile margins
The introduction of new information and communication technology (mobile telephony and social media) is expected to change the African social fabric under duress. This research questions the relation between (re)connecting dispersed people, identity dynamics, generation and gender in (post) conflict societies.

Prof. Martin van Hecke, Science
Extreme verschijnselen in zachte materialen
Foam and sand are soft materials that are capable of completely losing their mechanical strength. This project will unpack the extreme properties that these materials can manifest, such as shock waves, non-linearity and fracture. This will lead to a new understanding of their mechanical properties. 

Dr Manon van der Heijden , Humanities, Institute for History
What do you mean, women are less likely to become criminals?
Do women the world over actually commit fewer crimes than men? This investigation will demonstrate that this static view is incorrect, and makes a connection between the public roles played by men and their share in Europe’s criminality between 1660 and 1990.

Dr Ignas Snellen, Leiden Observatory
In search of a sister to the earth
Astronomers study planets that circle other stars than the sun in an attempt to determine what kinds of gases there atmospheres are made up of. Are there other planets similar to Earth, and is life possible on them?

About the Vici awards

Recipients of a Vici award are entitled to build up their own research group for the duration of the five years for which the award is valid. In this way the Vici not only forms an impetus for the individual researchers who have received the award; it is also a means of creating opportunities for a large number of younger researchers. During this round a total of 31 prominent researchers nation-wide have received a Vici award to carry out research during the comingfive years. They have received their awards from the so-called Innovational Research Incentives Scheme that forms part of the NWO. The Vici award is one of the largest personally-linked scientific grants in the Netherlands.


Vici awards January 2012 (NWO, in Dutch)

Prof. Mirjam de Bruijn
Prof. Martin van Hecke
Dr Manon van der Heijden
Dr Ignas Snellen

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