Chemistry in Leiden awarded NWO funds for three research schools

Research organisation NWO is providing financial support to three research schools in the field of chemistry. The Leiden Institute of Chemistry is closely involved in these collaborations.

New research school

800,000 euro has been awarded to the Netherlands Research School of Chemical Biology that is currently in the process of being formed. This collaboration between different research groups from Leiden University, Radboud University, the University of Groningen and the Eindhoven University of Technology allows for a better integration of research and education in chemical biology.

Current collaborations

Two existing schools have also been awarded 800,000 euro each. One of them is the Netherlands Institute for Catalysis Research, founded in 1991, that is a collaboration between the research groups of 8 Dutch Universities that carry out research on catalytic processes. The other one is the Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry, founded in 1994. This is a collaboration between Leiden University, VU University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam.

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Last Modified: 02-10-2012