Mosaic subsidy for PhD research

Leiden PhD candidates Arlinda Rrustemi and Shardul Paricharak have been awarded a Mosaic subsidy by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The winners - talented young scientists from ethnic minority backgrounds - will each receive € 200,000 to carry out PhD research over a period of four years.

Final round

NWO's aim with the Mosaic subsidy is to encourage more graduates from minority groups to enter the world of research.  NWO hopes that the successful candidates will remain within the science community in the Netherlands in the long term and that they will serve as examples to other talented young researchers. At the end of 2011, NWO decided to end the Mosaic programme. The subsidies are being awarded this year for the last time.

210 students and graduataes responded to a call for research ideas. The best 41 candidates were invited to follow workshops at NWO and further develop their research ideas ready to present them to an assessment committee. In total, twenty students received a subsidy, two of them from Leiden.

Describing the reconstruction of a state through life stories

Arlinda Rrustemi  – Political Science
The reconstuction of a state describes the efforts of the international community to rebuild social and political structures after conflicts. This research concentrates on the reconstruction of Kosovo and Afghanistan. The study introduces a new and more local perspective by analysing the life stories of individuals. It reveals aspects and problems of their lives that so far have been ignored.

Chemogenomics data analysis for discovering new medicines

Shardul Paricharak – Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
Even today there are still many illness for which there is no specific treatment. In this study we are trying to apply our knowledge of the biological activity of substances to predict and validate which substances are effective against such illnesses as Alzheimer's and tropical diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.

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(23 July 2012/ Source NWO)

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