Skin monitor wins prizes

The Skin Monitor, developed partly by the LUMC, has won the 'Health app award 2012'. The app was joint winner of the jury prize, and also won the audience prize.

Keeping an eye on skin blemishes

The Skin Monitor is an app – a programme for smartphones - that helps you to keep an eye on skin blemishes.  You make a photo of the mole using the camera function of your phone and then you compare it with a database of benign and malignant skin blemishes.  It is also possible to track the mole over time. You can then take action if it grows or changes. 

Example photos
The people behind the Skin Monitor are dermatologists Dr Marcel Bekkenk (Reinier de Graaf Group), Professor Wilma Bergman (Dermatology Department, LUMC) and patient organisation Stichting Melanoom (Melanoma Foundation). Professor Bergman supplied many of the 65 photos of examples of moles, melanomas and other skin tumours, and verified the texts used in the app.

Judged by doctors and patients

The Health app award 2012 is an initiative of Duch organisations Artsennet and MedicalPHIT. Artsennet has reviewed more than 145 medical apps as part of its apps information (in Dutch only). During the contest, both doctors and patients assess the apps. Positive aspects of the apps were in particular their clarity and user-friendliness and the increased attention paid to skin cancer.


The app is available for the iPhone and for Android smartphones. It can be downloaded free of charge. Read more about the Health app Awards on the Artsennet website.

(27 June 2012)


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