Tenth STW subsidy for Professor Joke Bouwstra

For the tenth time Professor Joke Bouwstra has been awarded a major subsidy by the STW Technology Foundation. She is to receive 1.1 million euro for research that may improve the repair of the skin barrier in people with constitutional eczema.  

The function of the skin barrier

Professor Joke Bouwstra

Professor Joke Bouwstra

Bouwstra has been researching the function of the skin barrier. This function plays an important role in how medicines are administered through the skin. Bouwstra is also very interested in how skin disorders develop and how they are treated. 

One of the skin disorders that is affected by a reduction in the effectiveness of the skin barrier is constitutionasl eczema. This is a chronic disorder that occurs frequently in young children and is characterised by infections of the skin.   


Bouwstra's research group, the Drug Delivery Technology section of the Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research (LACDR), has carried out an extensive study of patients with constitutional eczema. The research was conducted in close collaboration with the Analytical Bio-Sciences section at the LACDR and with teaching hospitals in Leiden and Rotterdam.

Organisation of lipids and disorders

The research showed for the first time that for these patients there is a relation between the composition of lipids and how they are organised in the skin and abnormalities in the barrier function of the skin. 

STW subsidy

This STW subsidy will allow new formulations to be developed aimed at promoting the repair of the skin's barrier function in these patients, in particular to stimulate lipid synthesis in the skin, which helps the skin to repair more quickly and consequently reduces skin infections.

(17 July 2012/Source: Faculty of Science)



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